The Boobies EP

by The Boobies

January 2017: Welp, it's the first album of many to come! We are proud to announce that our self-titled EP is available for purchase on Bandcamp (be sure to click the link and pay as little as $4 for the whole damned thing), and if you just need a taste, you can listen for FREEEEEEEE. Soon available on iTunes and Spotify (more freeness, geez we're terrible at making money), so if you're into waiting for that, be our guests, but just spread the word! On the EP are three songs, "Knockin'" (a tribute to love, cheating, and getting your sweet revenge), "Children of a Dark Art", (dirty beautiful love between a witch and a werewolf), and "We ain't goin home" (the crowd pleaser, feel good vibes on New York's lonely island, for the high-heel ladies and the loose-tie gentlemen). Ok, go listen now, and stay with us over the next couple months as we prepare our debut album (no name yet, any ideas?).